Our Birth

We started when it was told to us it couldn't be done. The application wasn't designed to have high availability. It was to complicated to patch, maintain, or monitor. Servers were dying and too complicated to be rebuilt. We thought different. If man could go to the moon, how can we not do this? Well, we desrupted the expectations of status quo and delivered. 99.999% Uptime - done. Automatically Patched - done. Self Healing - done. Automatic Load Scaling - done. 15 minute Average Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) - done. At this point, desrupt was born.

We believe in striving for more. By combining new technologies, IT processes and engineering prowess, we deliver a better experience for our clients. It is about a real partnership where we have a vested interest in supporting your application. This is how we can make you a Happy Customer.

Our Ethos

It is all about the customer. When our customer thrives, we succeed. Our focus isn't to sell, but to solve.

We are engineers. We live to design, collaborate, and deliver. Nothing beats the exzileration of desrupting the problem and delivering the solution. Nothing.

Everyone has been a part of a project where things get missed. However, the vendor gets paid and they just don't care. We want to have skin in the game. A solution that can't be maintained isn't a solution. Isn't it counter intuitive where the customer does the hardest part, by maintaining?

Our Service Offerings

Managed Cloud

From Cost Efficiency to IaaS

Load Testing

Stress Test Load - Browser based


Manage Your Environment from Anywhere

Build, Test, & Operate. We live and breath to make infrastructure the least of your worries.

Recent News

Ring Central Partnership

When our reputation is on the line, we depend on our vendors to deliver. Having used Ring Central for many years, we have decided to become a partner. They are great for managing our customer's telephony stack and more. After implementing multiple telephony migrations, we believe Ring Central leads the space.

Microsoft Partnership

Microsoft has always been on the forefront of technology. With Azure & Office 365, they currently lead the space in helping customer productivity and alleviating costs.

AWS Partnership

Amazon owns the lead position of the cloud. We specialize in AWS. After managing a multi-billion ecommerce site in the cloud, we transformed the architecture of the site from a 98% uptime to a 99.999% uptime. In addition, we created self-healing complete with validated auto-patching. While we are honored to be an AWS Partner, we strive to provide our customers with white glove service at a reasonable price.


High Availability

The Journey to Utopia.

Everyone wants it, but no one wants to pay for it. With the tech companies training consumers, it has become second nature to expect that IT services has an Apple like experience. It should just work. High Availability is no longer an optional feature, but it has morphed into a standard.

All IT professionals know this isn't easy. It actually takes a different type of team to pull this off. You need networking, middleware, database, infrastructure, and application teams to make this a reality. Then, you need Operational people well versed in all these disciplines. This is where desrupt shines. The team is make up with professionals that are jacks of all trades and a mastery of one area.